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The NEW Standard American Bridge Updated
This classic text for elementary and intermediate students gives a clear presentation of the basics and has been completely revised to be more complete and to reflect current bidding trends. This latest edition includes a new chapter on 2nd & 3rd Round Bidding, an expanded chapter on Weak Two Bids and the Strong 2C Opener, and many other modern trends. Limit Raises, opponents competing in the auction, Jump Overcalls, and Michaels Cuebid are also covered. A perfect book for those learning to play the game or for those who wish to improve their game. $14.95

Bridge Master 2000
by Norma Sands and Jan Janitschke

Improve your card play!
Sands/Janitschke Edition awarded
"CD of the Year 2008"

American Bridge Teachers' Association

This software program on Card Play includes 100 bridge hands divided into 4 levels of difficulty from basic intermediate to advanced, "start-over" options, and (optional) discussion on how the hand should be played. Designed to improve declarer play technique and a perfect companion to Playing the Cards. IBM compatible computer. $39.95 

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Playing the Cards
Develop competence at the bridge table with this text on techniques needed for winning plays. A valuable companion to Bridge Master 2000. $9.95



Bridge Helper
Newly revised with current trends, this is a convenient summary of point count bidding based on five-card majors. Provides concise, easy-to-find information with a section on opening leads. $4.95


BRIDGE Mini Series
By Norma Sands and Jan Janitschke.
Named the 1992 Book-of-the-Year by the American Bridge Teachers' Association, this series of booklets covers these important topics:

I. Fine Tuning Your Bridge
II. Later in the Auction
III. Opening Leads Versus Suits
IV. Double Trouble
V. Weak Two Bids
VI. Competitive Bidding
VII. Defensive Signals
VIII. Negative Doubles
IX. Slam Bidding I
X. Slam Bidding II
XI. Jacoby Transfers and Four Suit Transfers

$5.95 for each Mini Series title.


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